Communicating through Change

Communicating through change

We are living in a time of constant change – whether that’s organisational restructuring or the introduction of a new system or process.

Communicating well through change is essential. Get this wrong and it will take you twice as long, end in bad feeling and a loss of goodwill from those experiencing the change.

During an organisational restructure people may stand to lose their jobs, so it becomes about more than making sure you get the best outcome for your business and that you’re running a fair legal process.

It’s about minimising the effect on the lives of people who need their jobs to support their families.

A good HR process will alleviate the risk of legal challenge by disgruntled employees, communicating well will enhance your reputation as a good employer that respects its staff and treats them with respect.

Sometimes the most you can hope for is that people understand why the change is being proposed and what their options are – it doesn’t mean they’re going to like it, but this can help to minimise the risks associated with change.

For the best result communications planning needs to be integrated into the HR process from the start and we can help with that.