Communicating through COVID-19

Angela Bensemann, Director Halo Communications

What an interesting time to be in the communications industry.

COVID-19, the topic of the day, topic of the week, topic of the month, and it will be for quite some time to come.
There’s so much information coming at us left, right and centre and it’s really hard to sift through it all and work out what’s most important.

So, if you’re communicating with your staff, or your customers, you need to be getting your messages across and you need people to be taking note of what you’re saying.

So, what do I recommend?

Firstly, be empathetic. The decisions that you’re taking and the actions that you’re asking people to do, are affecting lives, including your own. So be empathetic and be there for them.

Keep it simple. No big fancy words. No big long sentences, simple punchy, use lots of visuals to keep it interesting. And that way people can look at something and at a glance, know what you’re on about.

Stay in your lane. Talk about the stuff you know. And if you’re wanting to share information, health advice or business advice or whatever, point people to the source of the experts in that field, whatever it is, the government’s new COVID-19 website, is a central repository for everything you need to know.

And internal communications with your staff is critical at the moment. Check that all your channels are working properly and be prepared to spend time talking to people I know it sounds obvious, but a simple email is not going to be enough. Be available. That doesn’t have to be in person but on the phone or video conferencing.

So be there, be empathetic, keep it simple and stick to what you know.
And if you need help with your communications planning and getting your message out at the moment, follow the link to my free online resource, 9-Step Communications Plan for Busy Managers.