How to bring your story to life

By Angela Bensemann, Director Halo Communications

So how do you bring your story to life? Easy, you get someone else to tell it for you!

Someone talking about their experience of working with you, or their experience of your product or service, is so much more powerful than you talking about it.

I recently interviewed a couple of young women who have been given the opportunity to pursue a career in health through a work experience cadetship where they get to study, get paid and learn new skills all in the one package.

The article was about the cadetship, how that came about and the two partner organisations running it. We could have just talked about the initiative from the point of view of the managers and it still would have been an interesting story.

However, having the girls talk about their experiences, their feelings of hopelessness at not being able to find a job and watching on while their friends were working and getting ahead, is just so powerful.

And when they talked about the difference this opportunity has made to their lives I had to concentrate on keeping it together.

My client wants to form more partnerships with different employers to give more young people this sort of an opportunity. How is she going to approach it? She’s going to let those who are in it talk about how this scheme has literally changed their lives.

These initiatives and opportunities matter – they make a real difference and the young people involved are happy to talk about it – they too want others to have the same opportunity.

It’s the same principal as having testimonials on your website. Other people saying what a sharp operator, and how good you are to work with, speaks volumes – especially when they are well known credible people and organisations.

It sounds so obvious but often in our businesses we don’t tell our stories well – we get on with the doing and forget about asking for testimonials or references at the end of our jobs. We forget to ask our clients or customers to sing our praises on their websites or social media platforms.

Yes, it takes more time but it’s effort well spent and is such a powerful promotional tool.

If you’d like to read more about the cadetship that’s changing lives check out the success story on the Porirua Youth 2 Work Movement website.