The power of the infographic

By Angela Bensemann, Director Halo Communications

We’ve all heard that a picture paints a thousand words but what about an infographic?

As a wordsmith myself it’s fair to say I’ve been a bit cynical about infographics in the past. I’ve seen lots over the years and, like most things, some are better than others.

However, I recently worked with my favourite designer (Jane at Pogo Design) to develop an infographic for my client (Kestrel Group) to tell their story of 15 years in business.

We looked at plenty of examples before designing one to suit our purpose. Some just tried to do too much and ended up being so busy it was impossible to see what they were trying to say at a glance.

We opted for a design that worked as a timeline without taking up the space of a linear timeline – it’s more like a weaving snake. We’ve combined some simple illustrations with dates and minimal text.

Customers can see key milestones, achievements and the progression of the company easily. If they want to know more, they can read the article that goes into way more detail.

It’s always a challenge for comms people to be succinct – we love words and painting a picture with those words. The style of the infographic forces you to hone in on the important and pare back what you want to say to the bare minimum – effectively letting the images do the talking.

For me the infographic is a valuable additional tool to help tell the story.

Everyone absorbs information differently – but I think everyone likes a summary with the ability to delve further if they want. Even better if this can be done visually within minimum effort on their behalf.

I look forward to using this format more frequently, so my clients can get their message across visually as well as with supporting text.

You can check out the infographic and story in full here.