Public relations

Public relations is all about building good healthy relationships.  At Halo, we understand how important it is for you to have great relationships with your customers and clients so that they’ll keep coming back.

This is true whether you’re a small private company churning our widgets and marketing them to a niche market, a council consulting with your local community or a government department trying to engage with your stakeholders.

Good public relations starts with knowing your audience.

To build good relationships you need to understand your audiences and stakeholders, what their issues are, what they want and how they want to find out about what you’re doing or offering.  You also need to identify who else you would like to engage with and how you’re going to go about building a relationship with them.

You can’t build good relationships without good stakeholder management and good communications.  It’s all about being transparent, open and honest and it’s about respecting others wants, needs and points of view.

It’s not rocket science but it’s something we can help you out with.