Finding your voice

Or as I like to say, what’s your style? When it comes to communicating with your customers or clients it’s important to adopt the right tone and to be consistent. Back in the day, companies and organisations were often quite formal in their tone.  Particularly in the public sector where you wanted to avoid being seen as frivolous. News flash: Your customers or audience want to deal with real people, they want to be able to relate to your product, your company or your organisation and they want great customer service.

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Getting it right – top tips for communicating

Everyone thinks they’re good at communicating and that’s probably because we all communicate all day, every day, right? So how come so many companies get it so wrong? That's because, even though we communicate all the time, it doesn’t mean we are automatically good at it. In fact, many individuals and companies are just terrible at it – you’ll know some of these for sure. These are my top tips for communicating well:

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